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Warning: Bond Funds could be quite hazardous to your Retirefunds this year

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Should I invest in RRSP's or TFSA's - a discussion for all Canadian Savers


RRSP (Registered Retirement Savings Plan)or TFSA (Tax Free Savings Account)

Most people who want to save for retirement will have this argument with themselves over time, and "time" it seems is really the key to determining whether or not you should contribute to your RRSP or to your TFSA in any given year.

Firstly let me point out what should be obvious to our readers now.  These are not "Savings" accounts so much as they are "Investment" accounts.  Within both vehicles you can purchase most kinds of investments from stocks to bonds, mutual funds, ETF's and real estate in the form of REIT's

Some people believe that splitting savings between these two investing vehicles is a safe bet, but in many instances they would be wrong.

One unique aspect of the Canadian RRSP (similar to a 401(k) in the U.S.) and the TFSA (similar to a Roth IRA in the U.S.) is that there is a "limit" to the contributions you can make in any given year but that limit "carries over" to the following year should you fail to contribute.

This fact alone should tell you how to best invest your money at different points in your life and career.  For instance, when one is a young adult, say in your 20's, it is common that your income is much less than it will be later in your life, say in your 40's and 50's which are usually you "maximum" income years.

Knowing this, one simplified plan is to contribute as much as you can to your TSFA in those early years when your income is low, then, depending on your personal circumstances, gradually switch to the RRSP as your income increases later in life.

Why? Because it is better to reduce your tax burden on the higher income rather than the lower income, and the accumulation of contribution room over years, allows for a much larger RRSP deposit, thereby reducing your tax burden even further. Tuned in Canadians know that reducing your tax burden is a big part of retirement saving and planning.

If you were prudent and maxed out your TFSA during your 20's and into your 30's, "and" you invested well in that account ( It is really a tax free "investment" account, not just a savings account)
then you would have a considerable amount in your TSFA to tap into to ensure you max out your RRSP at the top end of your income earning years.

Here is a good primer on this very issue courtesy of  BNN.

Is the RRSP headed for retirement?

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Samsung and Mybitat to Jointly Work on Technology Designed to Improve Ability of the Elderly to Live at Home Longer With Enhanced Quality of Life

SOURCE: Mybitat
April 28, 2015 05:00 ET

MENLO PARK, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 28, 2015) - Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. and Mybitat (an AGT Group company) today announced plans for joint development of an innovative smart home solution aimed at helping the elderly remain in their own homes longer and enhancing individual quality of life.
Mybitat, a startup focused on "Internet of Things" (IoT) technologies along with Samsung's Strategy and Innovation Center (SSIC) based in Silicon Valley, will partner to develop technology that combines advanced sensors, cloud-based software and behavior analytics to monitor an individual's daily routine and wellness. The goal is to allow elderly individuals greater flexibility in determining their living environment.
Using Mybitat data fusion and big data analytics, along with new sensors and IoT Intelligence algorithms developed by Samsung, the jointly developed solution will recognize changes in behavior or health and alert remote caregivers if assistance is required. The companies plan to deliver technology that can improve an individual's quality of life as they age by allowing them to live at home securely and more independently. The solution is aimed at easily transforming a home habitat and tailoring it for aging baby boomers or their independent parents. Additional detail on the technology is not being made public at this time.
"Samsung believes the senior population can benefit from new technologies to improve their quality of life," said Curtis Sasaki, vice president Ecosystem Development, SSIC. "Our work with Mybitat has the potential to make key elements of the aging process significantly easier on individuals and families."
More than 10,000 baby boomers retire every day in the U.S.1 As many as 90 percent of them wish to remain at home,2 maintaining independence without burdening family or depending on retirement homecare providers. The two companies will initially test their smart home solution in the U.S. market.
"We believe current systems for managing aging require significant improvement," said Mati Kochavi, Mybitat founder. "We want to redefine these systems and offer affordable options that open up new possibilities for aging individuals. This collaboration with the Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center will help us to accelerate the day when more seniors can live their lives with improved health in familiar, comfortable surroundings."
SSIC is a global organization within Samsung's Device Solutions division focused on identifying and nurturing new technologies in health and wellness, cloud and data storage infrastructure, Internet of Things, augmented reality and other, related areas. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, with offices in Korea, Israel and the U.K., SSIC's mission is to develop and accelerate groundbreaking technologies through open innovation working in collaboration with entrepreneurs and strategic partners to enhance people's lives.
About Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. inspires the world and shapes the future with transformative ideas and technologies, redefining the worlds of TVs, smartphones, wearable devices, tablets, cameras, digital appliances, printers, medical equipment, network systems, and semiconductor and LED solutions. We are also leading in the Internet of Things space through, among others, our Smart Home and Digital Health initiatives. We employ 307,000 people across 84 countries with annual sales of US $196 billion. To discover more, please visit our official website at and our official blog at
About Mybitat
Mybitat, an IoT startup, provides a life changing solution for the senior habitat. Mybitat technology leverages the AGT analytics platform, contextualizing data, turning information into actionable knowledge and insights to revolutionize knowledge about aging. This is the first time the AGT platform will be used to tailor a solution for consumers, in their homes, after multiple successful projects in the Smart City space. Mybitat was recently funded by Moonscape ventures.
About AGT International
AGT International is a privately held multinational company headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland that specializes in the Internet of Things (IoT), including IoT analytics and applications, cloud solutions and professional services. AGT's solutions enable optimization of manufacturing operations, city management, traffic flow, hospital administration, and school connectivity.
1. Pew Research Center, Dec. 2010
2. AARP "Aging in Place: A State Survey of Livability Policies and Practices," Dec. 2011

Contact Information

Maryam Nabi
Onechocolate Communications

Monday, April 20, 2015

IBC Copper Alloys Receives $1.3 Million Order From Asian Precision Manufacturing Multinational

Tiny Canadian firm, IBC Alloys having breakout year in U.S. Aerospace

Our top pick of 2015 in the Microcap Space, IBC Advanced Alloys Corp, is on a roll.
In the past six months it has signed no less than four (4) new contracts with Aerospace
companies and has many more "irons in the fire". Technicals are extremely bullish.

This small Canadian listed firm, has four operating plants in the USA and the U.S. Aerospace industry is becoming it's oyster.

Here are the headlines:

Up 30% in the past month, IBC Advanced Alloys is making great progress utilizing it's proprietary materials casting technology.  The aerospace industry is only now coming to know this technology and it's benefits.  We think the sky s the limit for this up and comer.

Remember, penny stocks are "highly speculative", and should never constitute more than 5-10% of any portfolio. They are not for the faint of heart. Money you need for retirement should not be invested in "any" speculative stocks.

Having said that, we have been following this tiny gem for over a year now and accumulating it's stock on dips.  From here on in, I doubt if there will be many dips to take advantage of, but that doesn't matter now that contracts are getting signed one after another.

With their foot in the door of U.S. Aerospace and defense contractors, and several new partners in Europe, expansion of this microcap should be astronomical in the coming year or so.  We're holding on the for what we expect will be an incredible ride.


NOTE: IBC Advanced Alloys is currently a penny stock and trades on the Toronto Venture Exchange under the symbol IB.

It also trades on the OTC in the U.S. under the symbol  IAALF.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

IBC Engineered Materials Receives Purchase Order From CUT Aerospace Systems

IBC Advanced Alloys Corp. (TSX VENTURE: IB)(OTCQX: IAALF) a leading advanced alloys has received a purchase order from UTC Aerospace Systems, a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX), to supply advanced Beralcast(R) components for critical imaging systems used on a variety of US and foreign military aircraft. The contract was signed with UTC Aerospace Systems' unit based in Danbury, Connecticut.
and precision castings company,

Production on the new contract has begun at IBC's Wilmington, MA facility with the first components scheduled for delivery prior to IBC's 2015 fiscal year end of June 30. Terms of the order are not disclosed.

"IBC is a leader in the casting of high performance optical targeting systems where weight savings and high modulus are critical performance factors," said Ray White, President of IBC's Engineered Materials division. "Our Beralcast(R) castable alloys are ideally suited to precision aerospace applications and can uniquely offer contractors cost effective solutions compared to machined components. We are delighted," continued White, "to be working with UTC Aerospace Systems and look forward to an opportunity to support them in additional programs." 

Beralcast alloys are ideally suited to many aerospace applications where lightweight, high modulus and cost are critical performance factors. Beralcast(R) alloys are three times stiffer and weigh 22% less than aluminum. Beralcast(R) alloys can be an engineered substitute for aluminum, magnesium, titanium, metal matrix composites, pure beryllium or powder metallurgy beryllium-aluminum materials in the appropriate applications. 

UTC Aerospace Systems designs, manufactures and services integrated systems and components for the aerospace and defense industries. UTC Aerospace Systems supports a global customer base with significant worldwide manufacturing and customer service facilities.

United Technologies Corp., based in Hartford, Connecticut, provides high technology products and services to the building and aerospace industries.

About IBC Advanced Alloys Corp.
IBC is an integrated manufacturer and distributor of rare metals (beryllium) based alloys and related products serving a variety of industries including nuclear energy, automotive, telecommunications and a range of industrial applications. IBC has 80 employees and is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada with production facilities in Indiana, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Missouri. IBC is creating a dynamic global beryllium and advanced alloys company. IBC's common shares are traded on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol "IB" and the OTCQX under the symbol "IAALF".
This news release was prepared by management of IBC, which takes full responsibility for its contents. The TSX Venture Exchange has not reviewed and does not accept responsibility for the adequacy of this news release. Neither TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined in the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.
This disclosure contains certain forward-looking statements that involve substantial known and unknown risks and uncertainties, certain of which are beyond the Company's control including: the impact of general economic conditions in the areas in which the Company operates, industry conditions, changes in laws and regulations including the adoption of new environmental laws and regulations and changes in how they are interpreted and enforced, increased competition, the lack of availability of qualified personnel or management, limited availability of raw materials, fluctuations in commodity prices, foreign exchange or interest rates, stock market volatility and obtaining required approvals of regulatory authorities. In addition there are risks and uncertainties associated with manufacturing activities therefore the Company's future results, performance or achievements could differ materially from those expressed in these forward-looking statements. All statements included in this press release that address activities, events or developments that the Company expects, believes or anticipates will or may occur in the future are forward-looking statements. These statements are based on assumptions made by the Company based on its experience, perception of historical trends, current conditions, expected future developments and other factors it believes are appropriate in the circumstances.

IBC Advanced Alloys Corp.
Ian Tootill
Director of Corporate Communications
(604) 685-6263 ext 110

The Howard Group Inc.
Dave Burwell/Brad Dryer
Toll Free: 1-888-221-0915 or (403) 221-0915

SOURCE: IBC Advanced Alloys Corp.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

IBC Advanced Alloys Corp - Canadian with U.S. Roots

2015 Top Picks -  IBC Advanced Alloys Corp.

IBC is an integrated manufacturer and distributor of rare metals (beryllium) based alloys and related products serving a variety of industries including nuclear energy, automotive, telecommunications and a range of industrial applications. IBC has 80 employees and is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada

IBC has four U.S. based production facilities in Indiana, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Missouri. 

In March 2014,  IBC's Advanced "BEO" Nuclear Fuel exceeded critical performance factors in tests.

This advanced product, manufactured using IBC's proprietary Beryllium materials, is designed to reduce costs and increase safety of advanced nuclear fuels in the rebirth of that industry.
(see illustration on left)

The Nuclear industry predicts $1.2 Trillion worth of new plants will be constructed or started by 2030 with Asia leading the expansion of Nuclear power in the 21st century.

In Sept 2014, IBC was awarded a contract by the LockheedMartin Corp to produce the housing components for it's F35 fighter jets "EOTS" systems utilizing it's proprietary "Beralcast" advanced material, with the promise of more to come.
(see illustration at right)

The F-35 is the most advanced fighter jet ever built and for Lockheed to include this tiny manufacturer of specialty materials as one of it's suppliers ensures that IBC should punch above it's weight for years to come.

During the same month,  IBC successfully delivered several unmanned aerial system (UAS) ® technology to the U.S. Department of Defense.
demonstration articles manufactured using IBC’s proprietary Beralcast castings.

In November 2014,  IBC Partnered with two European firms to Develop and Distribute a New High Performance Alloy

Although it is still a microcap company trading on the venture exchange mostly in Canada, IBC is creating a dynamic global beryllium and advanced alloys company.

IBC's common shares are traded on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol "IB" and the OTCQX under the symbol "IAALF."

All indications are that IBC will be profitable in 2015 and we expect a significant turnaround in IBC's stock price.  We have been loading up on IBC Shares with that expectation.

We see it as an investment in the future.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Target dated retirement funds are known as Retirefunds and should be part of your financial future.

If you were to ask a qualified investment adviser what is the best time to begin investing for your retirement, S/he would tell you it was 40 years ago. They would also suggest that, the second best time to begin is today!  Everyone who has ever been involved with the subject of saving for retirement knows how true this statement is. The longer your horizon is to the big day, and the earlier you start saving and investing, the more you will have in retirement.

Retirefunds or target dated retirement funds, set up with your retirement date in mind. If that date is 30 years out, then you are ahead of 98% of your peers in planning for the future.  If that date is only 10 years out, then you are in the middle of the pack so to speak, of your peers in planning for the big day. In other words, most people only think about their retirement and it's financial consequences as it gets closer.  Obviously, the sooner you take the plunge and begin your investment plan, the better off you will be in your golden years. If you are one of the Millennial generation (currently between the age of 18 and 34) you should be talking to a qualified investment adviser right now about "your" plan to retire in good financial health.

I have a nephew who just turned 20 and he recently approached me with some questions about how he should start an investment plan.  We talked briefly about registered retirement savings plans and tax free savings accounts but my main advice to him is to seek out a good financial planner and to make a Retirefund or target dated retirement fund, one of his main options. I wish I had been as in tune with finances at his age as he seems to be. While many of his peers are still looking for jobs, going to college or university etc, he already has some significant savings and is looking for solid advice in planning for a rainy day.

 Facts: 25 years of research shows that, "Individuals don't spend time doing any planning or thinking about retirement until it happens," (Salisbury)  In fact, most people spend much more time planning a vacation than planning for retirement.

I happen to be from the generation that was blessed with a pension plan I had paid into for 36 years,  It makes me more free to play with a portion of my portfolio.  If you are not part of a long term pension plan (and even if you are) you should not "play" with your retirement money.

Since this article is a "heads up" so to speak for the 18-34 yr old crowd, I will not get into boring details of individual funds or companies.  I will leave that to your qualified investment adviser.

Here are some resources to help you investigate Retirefunds, as you begin your journey to financial independence in retirement.

Familiarize yourself with the various funds then sit down with a qualified financial planner to discuss your Retirefund options.  Don't play the market. Leave that to the experts.