Friday, August 10, 2018

As Crypto Currencies rise and begin to dominate investors thinking, Crypto Domain names are gaining popularity!

Whether you agree or disagree that Digital Assets like Crypto Currencies have value, you cannot escape the facts!

9 years ago Bitcoin was selling under $1 Dollar.

Today, (ups and downs aside) it sells around $6400!

That, my friends is an extreme jump in an investment!

As all Cryptos have increased
in price (for instance Ethereum Classic is up from a few cents to $14) Investors everywhere are wondering how they can get an edge in this new form of investing.

And, as more and more Banks and Businesses increase their Blockchain knowledge (and hire Crypto and Blockchain experts) to investigate how they can more securely transfer money and accounts worldwide, there is another avenue of Crypto investments that may have escaped the attention of mainstream investors.

  That is the area of Crypto Domain names (Web Addresses) lists the top ten CryptoDomains sold Here to date!

As you can see, the domain Eth.Com lead the pack at a cool $2,000,000

As you can also see in that list, many other Crypto domains like CryptoWorld and CryptoBank sold in 6 figures!

Even the lesser Dot com domains sold in 5 figures.

Domainers have been scooping up these domains by the hundreds, because they know that the new Crypto business startups will be looking for online addresses and possibly new branding.

So, Are DomainNames.Money?

You Bet they are!!!

Monday, July 30, 2018

About Lexington Bio Sciences - Early Detection and prevention of Heart Disease and Stroke!

The Endothelium: Getting to the “Heart” of Cardiovascular Disease

Despite positive developments in medication and lifestyle changes to reduce risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease (CVD) and atherosclerosis (plaque build-up in arteries), stroke and heart attack remain the leading cause of death worldwide.
 Innovation in medical care and medical devices will likely play a central role in improving long term cardiovascular health outcomes. Over the past several years, Lexington Biosciences has focused on the health of the endothelium, which is the critical inner lining covering all blood vessels throughout the body.

 We are excited to introduce the HeartSentry device as an important endothelial health measurement tool, which can serve as an early predictor in the cardiovascular disease process.
From the heart to the tiniest capillary, endothelial cells form the innermost lining of the entire circulatory system. Cumulatively called the endothelium, it is composed of a single layer of cells which are critical to vascular health, and which may function as a kind-of “built-in” sensor for the vascular system. They act to guide the arteries to dilate or constrict under stress or other external stimuli.
Disruption of normal endothelial function is known to be a precursor to CVD and atherosclerosis. In short, as the vascular system becomes burdened with atherosclerosis, the endothelial cells stop working as well as they did as before, which can provide a key signal that the health of the cardiovascular system has been adversely affected. A dysfunctional endothelium can be one of the earliest signs that plaque is accumulating inside arteries, which can be non-invasively observed as an inability to dilate effectively under different flow conditions or environmental stresses.
Once the endothelium is disrupted and plaque starts to accumulate, it’s usually there for good – barring medical intervention. If left untreated over time, plaque will eventually increase until it blocks the artery or breaks free to enter the circulatory system. The result is typically either a heart attack or a stroke.
The good news is that medication can help improve cardiovascular disease and decrease risk of catastrophic events like heart attack or stroke. Therefore monitoring endothelial function may offer an essential approach to prevent cardiovascular disease and guide treatment. This is why we have developed and positioned HeartSentry as a front line cardiovascular diagnostic device.
While the above is widely acknowledged in medical circles, most of the general population aren’t aware of the importance of the endothelium because few people undergo testing for it. Testing modalities are currently limited, and often involve procedures which can be hard to perform such as flow-mediated dilation (FMD) to evaluate endothelial function. FMD measures the endothelial response during reactive hyperemia (changes in blood flow). However, it has shortcomings in that it is difficult to perform and is subject to a high degree of user dependent test variability.
While the literature supports endothelial assessment as being a valuable precursor of CVD and atherosclerosis, many of the tests to evaluate it can be invasive or difficult to perform and, all too often, are not ordered until the disease has undergone significant progression.
We believe that a non-invasive, reproducible, and instantaneous test of endothelial function could be a game-changer for long term cardiovascular disease prevention
 Lexington Biosciences has developed an easy-to-use device that will enable users to obtain endothelial function measurements as easily as stepping on a scale or measuring blood pressure or temperature, that can be done in a clinic or potentially even from the comfort of home.
 We are optimistic that HeartSentry can help to fill this important need, advancing the field to help prevent cardiovascular diseases like heart attack and stroke.

More From Lexington BioSciences

Lexington BioSciences Inc. aims to become a leader in the development of cardiovascular measurement solutions proposed for common clinical applications with the potential for future home use. 
Please visit our website to watch our video, find out more about us, and subscribe to Twitter or Facebook to receive the latest news, newsletters, blog posts and more.
Join the conversation about our exciting HeartSentry product

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Domains are a 21st Century Investment!

Why Invest In Domain Names?

  Many Reasons.........


  • To this date, the .com extension has been the most sought after extension, followed by .net and .org however in the past several years extensions have become available in many areas such as .co .fund .sex .shop etc etc not to mention individual country codes which have also fetched hefty prices.

    Interest and investment in web domain names has grown and grown and there seems to be no end in sight for this valuable, online property.

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Monday, January 4, 2016

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

There is Gold in Web Domain Names

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Are DomainNames.Money you ask?

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Monday, November 16, 2015

IBC Advanced Alloys Corp details

IBC Advanced Alloys Corp.IBC Advanced Alloys Corp.


IBC Advanced Alloys Corp. (IBC), formerly International Beryllium Corporation, is a Canada-based Company engaged in the development and manufacturing of advanced alloys, in particular beryllium alloys and specialty copper alloys. It also focuses on beryllium mineral exploration. IBC can be used in its pure form or combined with other metals to form unique alloys for essential applications for the nuclear, aerospace, medical, automotive, electronics and defence industries. It operates in three aspects: manufacturing, research and mineral exploration. It provides manufacturing and support services, including casting and master alloy products, cast and forged billet products, semi-continuous cast input billets and wrought products. It operates in copper alloys division and beryllium aluminium division. IBC owns a 100% interest in the Boomer mine located in the Lake George beryllium district. IBC US Holdings, Inc., Freedom Alloys, Inc., Nonferrous Products, Inc. are its subsidiaries.

Officers and directors

Contact Information

  • IBC Advanced Alloys Corp.
    Ian Tootill
    Director of Corporate Communications
    (604) 685-6263 ext. 110

    IBC Subsidiaries:

    Freedom Alloys, Inc.
    IBC Engineered Materials Corporation
    IBC Mineral Properties, Inc.
    IBC US Holdings, Inc.
    NF Industries, Inc.
    Nonferrous Products, Inc.
    Rare Earths Limited, LLC
    Specialloy Copper Alloys LLC