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Friday, November 19, 2010

L.A. Auto Show latest to showcase electric cars and hybrid electric vehicles

Electric cars have been a hot topic in automotive business circles for years now. At this years auto shows, every major manufacturer of automobiles was showcasing it's version of either an all electric car, a hybrid gas/electric car or both.

As I have reported in previous posts, scientists, engineers, technicians and lab rats from all of the world are at this writing, building and tweaking lithium based batteries to get more power, distance and energy as well as reduce the time of charge.

NASA Prototype Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery.Image via WikipediaThe higher energy storage capacity and efficiency of Lithium ion and other lithium based batteries is now, without question.

However battery companies are working on all aspects of making lithium batteries more efficient, including restructuring and revamping the engineering for more performance.

Here is a great video regarding one such lab in Munich, Germany where engineers are tweaking battery performance and getting great results.

Lithium producers prospering as price, and demand, increases globally.

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