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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Panasonic ElectricWorks and Sanyo Electric co announce new Lithium-ion Solar Street Lights.

 Osaka, Japan, October 14, 2010 - Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Panasonic Electric Works) and SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as SANYO) today announced the launch of the “EVERLEDS Lithium-ion Solar Street Light,” a solar street light with a refined design combining ‘solar cells’ and ‘lithium-ion batteries’. Two versions of the street light will be released by Panasonic Electric Works in January 2011 in Japan (planned).
  The product is equipped with SANYO’s HIT® solar cells, single crystal hybrid type solar cells with the highest-class conversion efficiency in the world*2, and a thin ‘integrated solar cells and storage unit’ using SANYO’s lithium-ion batteries. In the product, electricity is generated from solar energy by the high efficiency solar cells and stored in the lithium-ion batteries attached to the back of the panel. This can then be used to power the high efficiency LED lights for approximately 15 hours*3 during the night.
  Unlike previous models which required separately installed large lead batteries, the Lithium-ion Solar Street Light is small and refined, and the lead-free design reduces its impact on the environment. The Lithium-ion Solar Street Light is suitable for use in schools, parks, streets, around housing complex and public outdoor facilities, and in times of disaster will watch over the neighborhood.
  Until now, both companies had been working separately in the field of solar street lighting. However, through combining SANYO’s devices, such as ‘solar cells’ and ‘lithium-ion batteries’, with Panasonic Electric Works’ LED lighting fixtures and power source units, they are looking to further develop the industry’s leading solar street lights and to expand its range of products.
  Moreover, regarding sales, Panasonic Electric Works plans to strengthen its ability to offer solutions that meet the needs of the market by providing not only the solar street lights but also other energy-efficient products through its Electrical Construction Materials Marketing Business Unit. Panasonic Electric Works is also considering plans to develop the business for this product and other related devices overseas.
HIT® is an original technology and registered trademark of SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.
As of October 14, 2010, according to a survey by Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.
The longest operating time when operating for 5 hours at 100% rating and then operating for 10 hours at 50% rating after sunset
Varies depending on usage and environment.

Main Features


1. A refined design incorporating ‘HIT® solar cells’ and ‘lithium-ion batteries’
  The Lithium-ion Solar Street Lights are thin and have a refined design featuring an integrated solar cells and storage unit incorporating solar cells and lithium-ion batteries. The lithium-ion batteries are set on the underside of the solar cells. The Lithium-ion Solar Street Light is nearly half the weight of previous lead battery models (29.5kg→16.2kg)*5 and has a thickness of only 40mm.
  The Lithium-ion solar street light received the Good Design Award 2010 from Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization.
Comparison of the two-panel type model.

2. Reduces impact on the environment through the use of lithium-ion batteries
  Unlike previous models which used lead batteries, the new model is more environmentally friendly. The charge and discharge rate of the lithium-ion batteries is also 1.5 times that of lead batteries, allowing you to use the energy more efficiently.

3. The solar cells, lithium-ion batteries and LEDs are low-maintenance and have a long operating life
  The operating life span of the lithium-ion battery power source is over 10 years*4 , making a reduction in maintenance costs, such a battery exchange, possible. The operational life span of the solar cells is also over 10 years, and the LED lights (at 10W/24W) 40,000 hours (when operating for 10 hours a day at 100% rating, approx. 4,000 day operational life span = approx. 10 years )
Varies depending on usage and environment.
Height: Main body 4,194mm (from the ground)
Weight: Main body approx. 164kg (LED24W type)
approx. 120kg (LED10W type)
<Target Market>
・Schools (increase in demand due to the School New Deal Scheme)
・Outdoor facilities (housing complexes, public facilities, etc.)
・Parks and streets

Press Contact

Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd.
Public Relations Department +81-6-6909-7187 (Osaka), +81-3-6218-1166 (Tokyo)
SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.
Corporate Communications HQ Global Communications Department +81-3-6364-3611
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