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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

There is Gold in Web Domain Names

Investing in Web Domains may be as important in the 21st century as investing in gold, Bitcoin, Stocks or Bonds. 

A Powerful Web Address is paramount in today's online world. Sometimes just the mention of a proper Domain Name is all the marketing needed to get your message across or to get your prospective clients and customers to find you online.

For instance:

The following Travel related Internet Domains are for sale or lease right now!

Do these domains not tell the whole story of their business without any further explanation?

And these Business Domains:

May tell future investors where and how to trade these kinds of Derivatives.

Fund Managers offering the masses target dated retirement funds might also be interested in:

And the burgeoning Electric car and battery industry may find these names to their liking.  

No matter what business you are in, or want to be in, If your business is online, going online, or still on the drawing board, Selecting the right Internet Domain may make the difference of whether you succeed or not today.

Good luck with your 21st century business.

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